Marriage Games- Family fun board game!

I recently received this board game to test and give my honest opinion on social media, and you guys who follow me for some time already know that I just say the truth, and talk about what I really like and believe!

When the game arrived I was so excited to try and have some quality time with my husband, Joe.

After our second daughter was born, things are a bit hectic in this house, he arrives from work and all we do is sort dinner, kids bath time, story time, bed time and then we realize it's really late, we are both tired, lying on the couch watching some of our favourite series on Netflix lol.

If you are parent and is reading this post you may be thinking, well lady that's what you signed up for! and we love it, I wouldn't change it for the world!

But I also say and keep repeating how important it is to spend quality time with your partner, when you are good for yourself you become a great parent, trust me! kids will benefit much more from healthy happy parents, than stressed ones that keep house and routine on point!

Having said that I couldn't recommend 'Marriage Games' more, you can play with your partner or with a big group of friends.

I absolutely loved the packaging, nice and clear, with lovely ilustrations by Andrzej Mleczko, really  funny and intelligent humor. The pack comes with two whiteboards to write your answers, now i have to admit i got quite impressed by that, as normally the games we buy come with paper and a pencil... really good quality!

There are four types of cards you can play and my favorite one is the red that allows you to get to know each other more, or laugh a lot when you realize you dont. This is a test of how well you know your partner, their likes, best friends names, favorite food and etc.

The purple card contains keywords that must be drawn on the whiteboards- Charades ( films, sex position, proverbs, music etc) This is where me and Joe failed massively,but I can guarantee it will end up with a laugh.

The blue card`s task is to convey the keyword to your partner without using any of the 5 words listed under the keyword, and you have to try to explain without using gesture, sounds or clue of the listed words, how well can you communicate to your partner?

The coral card is called Associations and the task is to draw the card and place into a visible place with the picture facing up. Both members have to write down 6 words that they associate with that picture, and if you have at least 2 answers the same you score!

I have to make a confession that I scored so badly and it was hilarious.

Its not a long game which I think is a positive selling point

Whoever wins the game can spin the bottle and picks a prize that can be cleaning, ironing, cooking  or the best of all SEX! why not talk about that? how do you think those babies are here? lol

Safe to say that this is not a sexual game, you can also play with your in laws.

Who can play? Everyone!
Who do I recommend it? Everyone!

Marriage Games is such a great present idea for wedding anniversary, valentine days, partners birthdays and to spend time with your partner once kids gone to bed!

You can buy on Ebay or Amazon, Go follow @MDR on facebook and Instagram for more informations.

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