Smoky eyes tutorial by Jade Denwood

Naked smoky is out there waiting for you!

I don't know about you, but I am completely addicted to it, there's no way I can't leave my house without wearing it.

So today I invited one of my favourite Urban Decay make up artists in UK to show us step by step how to achieve a fantastic smoky iconic look using the brand new Urban Smoky Palette.

Working for this fantastic brand gave me the opportunity of meeting new people that inspire me everyday, Jade is one of them. She is sweet, smart, really talented  and I can't explain how happy I am to have her step by step on my blog!

Let's get started?

( the gorgeous lady herself )

1. Apply Eden primer on your eyelid

2. Apply thirteen all over the lid and brow bone

3. Apply cumbust on the crease 

4. Smoky the outer corner with whiskey( my favourite shadow by the way).
5.apply dirtysweet 

6.apply radar
7. Blend black market and use it to make your eyeliner as well.
7. Apply eyelash primer, subversion nourish and gives you false lashes effect!

8. Looking for bigger,and really black lashes? Nail any smoky look with perversion !

Jade Denwood  has worked as make up artist for 7 years and worked for UD  for 14 months!

We met in London for a training and I am super fan of all her artistry, she is the best person I know to inspire me wearing electric palette!

Honestly she is the best!

I can't put into words how happy and grateful I was when she said yes to my guest blog post invitation.

Many thanks Jade for the time and effort! Xx

When I asked her which Urban product was her favourite:

It's hard to chose a favourite but it would have to be All Nighter setting spray! Keeps my makeup fresh all day. 

Please check her Instagram out for more inspirations @jadedenwood 

If you live in England and wants to get to know her and her advises, she works in Hemmel and her counter number is 01442 286444 if people want to book appointments!! 

Hope you enjoyed!

Please leave a comment below and let me known which look you would love to see step by step next time !!!!


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