Be green and be beautiful!!

Be green and be beautiful!!

I am still in Brasil and I guess this tropical country has inspired me to write more on my blog, so here are some cool ideas and cheap as well, that accepts no excuses to have a diva skin from items you can find on your kitchen!

I am sure that you know That fruits and vegetables are healthy for your body, but there's much more you can do with those cheap and fantastic items to achieve a fantastic spa day spending no money at all!

Cucumber is fantastic under the eyes, get ride of puffed eyes using some slices of this refreshing vegetable! Maybe put some on your gim and tonic as well. 

Lime is great to scrub the skin, if you have discoloration skin this also helps brightening it .
but make sure you wash proper before expose yourself to the sun, that could cause skin marks. 

Green tea is a fantastic toner and detoxing provider! Get rid off redness and calm your skin down using it cold .

Olive oil is one of my favourites, hair mosturizer, helps hair growth as well. cuticle moisturizer, make up and false lashes remover! 

Also can be used on face masks. Just can't get tired of it. It's definetly a must have .

Avocado is a natural hair and face mask for dry hair and skin!

Green grapes amazing for those who have oily skin.

Kiwi, skin exfoliant and brightening.

Green apple, scalp cleanser and teeth withering. 

Mint, acne spot treatment 

Cheap and easy isn't it?

So have a look at your kitchen now and let's get started!

Let me know what do you think about this post!!


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